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Read With Me Program

Dear Parents,

Starting August 15th, 2022 students will have the opportunity to join and participate in our Read With Me Program. Students can log into a Google Meet one night a week (based on their grade level) and spend an hour with Miss Brandy. Students will spend the first forty-five minutes reading and the last fifteen minutes will be spent discussing the reading.

Participation in this program is completely optional for students and parents may join and participate as well. For those students who do participate in the Read With Me Program, there will be incentives throughout the year based on participation and attendance.

Each week, from 6 pm to 7 pm, students will be able to login to Google Meet using code Each grade is listed below with their designated day.

  • Mondays: K - 1st Grade
  • Wednesdays: 2nd - 3rd Grade
  • Fridays: 4th - 5th Grade

You can email Miss Brandy with questions regarding the Read With Me Program.